Standard Terms & Conditions
By signing this agreement or travelling aboard our buses you are bound by the terms and
Conditions detailed in this document.
Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with its contents.

Quotations are based on current rates. All quotes provided by RiverCity Bus Service, are valid for 30 days from date of issue and are subject to
Amendment if any variation to the original quotation is made by the client
Once the quote has been issued. 

To secure your reservation with RiverCity Bus Service we ask that you make a
20% deposit when you confirm your travel plans with final payment required
10 days prior to departure for reservations greater than two nights away, and
4 days prior for all other reservations. Credit card details and in some cases
Pre-authorisation is required for all reservations notwithstanding the original
Form of payment.

Upon confirmation of your reservation on any amendments made prior to
Commencement may attract additional charges. Alterations to reservations
Are subject to availability at the time of change. As your business is important
To us, we will make every endeavour to accommodate your requests.

Any amendments to your journey once travel has commenced will incur
Additional charges. Changes to your travel plans and availability of the
Coach and driver are subject to the Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012
Maximum Work Requirements and as such, we may not be able to
Accommodate your request. We will, however, make every effort to ensure
Your travel plans and any amendments are fulfilled to the best of our ability

Extra charges apply if and when the hirer goes over time by slow loading or unloading, not meeting the bus at appointed times, and or meeting place, a fee of $50.00 for every 15 mins the bus is held up, (fees must be paid to the driver on the spot. Or loss of charter/deposit). No fees apply if the bus is detoured by police or traffic controller or roadworks, traffic jams. The time will be added at no cost to the hirer if the bus arrives late at point of pickup/set down. If not at the fault of the hirer. We understand moving people in a group can be hard. If you feel that times cannot be meant please speak to the driver.

We understand that circumstances change therefore we have implemented
A broad cancellation policy in the event that you need to withdraw your
Reservation with RiverCity Bus Service.

Cancellation conditions:
•    No penalty if cancelled 72 hours or more prior to the day of departure.
•    Forfeiture of 50% of the amount paid if cancelled less than 72 hours but
More than 48 hours prior to 9:00 am on the day of travel.
•    Forfeiture of 100% if cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the day of travel.

RiverCity Bus Service, reserve the right to recover all reasonable costs
Associated with repair to any damage whether intentional or not. Damage
May constitute but not limited to seats, seat belts, windows, electrical
Equipment, toilets, video monitors, vents, curtains and tampering with
Emergency exits as well as unreasonable soiling including the need for
Supplementary cleaning in excess of standard requirements that are caused to
The vehicle during your hire.

Chain of Responsibility
All parties associated with the hire of public passenger transport have a duty
Of care to ensure breaches of road transport laws do not occur. All parties
Must ensure that their actions do not constitute a breach of the Heavy
Vehicle National Law Act 2012 or that their inaction can contribute to a
Breach. All parties are legally held responsible for the safe passage and
Operation of the vehicle.

Fatigue Management
The hirer must not encourage or prevent the driver from taking their
Mandatory rest breaks as prescribed by law.
The hirer must provide adequate accommodation for drivers if the required
The driving schedule does not permit the drivers to return to base within their
Legally prescribed driving hours.

In accordance with State and Federal government, legislation smoking is not
Permitted on any RiverCity Bus Service vehicle’s including the use of electronic

Alcohol and Drugs
The consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs is not permitted under any
Circumstances on any RiverCity Bus Service vehicles. Passengers that are
Suspected to be intoxicated or under the influence of illicit drugs will be
Denied travel or removed from our vehicle without regress.

RiverCity Bus Service restricts passenger baggage to one suitcase weighing no
More than 23 kg’s and one piece of small hand luggage which is permitted
On the coach.
Dangerous Goods – are not to be carried on the coach under any
Circumstances, this includes as part of your passenger baggage. If you are
Unsure please ask.
Our coach drivers have the right to refuse any luggage for carriage without

Food and Drinks
Food and beverages and any glass receptacles are not permitted onboard
Any of our vehicles. Our exception is non-alcoholic beverages contained in
Plastic screw top bottles which are permitted onboard.

Right of Refusal
Drivers have the legal right to deny boarding to or remove any passenger
Behaving in a way likely to endanger the safety of themselves, fellow
Passengers, the driver or the general public, Or fail to adhere to the driver's request or any direction given. 
RiverCity Bus Service reserves the right to immediately terminate its provision of
Service if any actions are deemed threatening, unsafe or dangerous to other
Passengers, the driver, vehicle or the general public. (Refunds will not be
Issued for terminated services)

By signing below you confirm;
•    That you accept the schedule as prescribed in our quotation;
•    That the pick-up/drop off times and addresses as specified within the
The quotation is correct;
•    That you accept the conditions set out in this document;
•    That you accept RiverCity Bus Service quotation;
•    That you will treat RiverCity Bus Service quotation as commercial in

A copy of the Standard Terms & Conditions will be with the driver. Please sign drivers copy and keep the electronic copy e-mailed to you for reference.

Before signing please ensure you have read the terms and conditions. And have a full understanding of the conditions of travel. With RiverCity Bus Service.