New Student Enrolment

Phone Number: Contact numbers must be kept updated for emergencies,

Student Transport Contract 

  • In the morning, on arrival at school, all students are to move directly into the school gates/grounds

  • After school, students using the bus service are to proceed immediately to the bus assembly point inside school gates/grounds and wait for the bus stop marshall.

  • Buses leave the school zone at 3:00 pm after every school day. Any student that failed to move to the bus stop/assembly point may be left behind. In this case, Parents may be asked to collect your student from the school campus.

  • Students are not to eat or drink on the buses at any given time. Parents may be asked to pay a cleaning fee.

  • Students are not to verbally or physically abusive each other or the driver/operator

  • Any damage/vandalism caused by students to any RiverCity Bus Service property. As a condition of travel, any and all repairs are to be compensated by the parent (listed above) of the student.


Student Safety Guidelines​

  1. ​Respect other people and their property, Respect your driver/operator and RiverCity Bus Service property.

  2. Wait for the bus in an orderly manner (HAIL'n'RIDE when you see the bus coming)

  3. Always follow instructions when given.

  4. Always wear your seatbelt, keep hands and arm inside the bus at all times.

  5. Store bags and equipment correctly.

  6. Do not throw objects or food out the bus windows, or other students using the service.

  7. Report any unsafe behavior to the bus driver/operator. 

  8. Be Respectful and co-operative.

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